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Dazed Digital 2014

Interview: Jennifer Byrne

"Through exploration and experimentation, strains of invention form and inform the language you craft and end up creating"

Nick Thornton Jones

Mixing psychedelic synapses with a dream-like new track by Unkle that morphs into the third dimension, filmmaker duo Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones know how to overwhelm the senses. James Lavelle’s Unkle rework sound into a bevy of intrigue, as they did for last weekend’s Meltdown Festival.

For “Worship”, Du Preez and Thornton Jones turnt up to the future. The duo formed in 1998 and have since name-checked collaborators like Björk, Massive Attack, and Alexander McQueen. “Our mission is always to find the poetry and emotion within a technical process by understanding the crafted values of the analogue and combining the impossible realms of what technology presents,” explains Thornton Jones. “Through exploration and experimentation, strains of invention form and inform the language you craft and end up creating.”

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Together, the pair use creative technologies to survey new realms of possibility. In order to create what they describe as a “living, moving master painting” they use a combination of live action capture, 3D particle exploration and animation. “We have collaborated with Glassworks & Hector Macleod and his team of innovators and artists for over a decade now,” says Thornton Jones. “They continue to bring passion, dedication and expertise to realising visions and cross-pollinating creative platforms always searching for the art and poetry within technology and a film art process.”

Also part of that process was Rick Owens’s partner, Michèle Lamy. She recited “Cloths of Heaven” by W.B. Yeats alongside the poetic visual live at Meltdown Festival. So who would they want to work with next? “Collaborators that inspire and push the boundaries of how we visually shape and inform: Syd Meade, the late HR Giger or Phillip K Dick.”